Spy Kids #09 — Recap and Review

September 3rd, 2017


Why not just have a clips episode if you're just going to recap?

Richard and Mortimer is off this week. A marathon of the first six episodes is airing in its place. Maybe I'll post something in its stead since its Labor Day, but I'm not sure what. I guess I still haven't gotten around to Castlevania, and there's that new (underwhelming) Softhouse Chara game. Or get around to a long-deserved evisceration of the terribleness of everything about Dive 1's story and characters. Or maybe just a fanservice dump.


I don't know what's dumber here; whether you take it as the idiot ninja girl simply summarizing literally everything about her life for half the episode, or if you take it on its face as her narrating a letter she's writing containing literally every single spy thing they're doing. Either way, it was, at absolute best, just a repeat of the absolute most godawful worst parts of her introductory episode; tossing out as many Japanese stereotypes as they could think of. Then she got into a squabble with some racists over a bug. You know, not attracting any attention to herself at all. She predictably embarrassed them despite their cheating, and then they had a 'Japanese' friendship party, because nobody gave even half an ass about the writing this week.

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