Fate/Apocrypha #12 — Gaping Maw

September 16th, 2017


He must swallow a lot of bugs.


I enjoy how it started out with a Shirou flashback. So the episode would be about Shirou, right? Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. It would be about Vlad and Darnic, doing a fusion technique to become a super ultra omega vampire that gets to be flat out immune to everything, except for Shirou, who pops up in the closing minutes to one-shot him… them… whatever.  And boy, were they obsessed with how he was a vampire and couldn't stop saying the word. Don't play a drinking game with "vampire" with this episode, unless your liver is already destroyed from doing the same with Princess Principal and "spy."

In any case, despite ostensibly being everybody versus the super ultimate utlra omega berserk vampire, and thus not as randomly distracted between five different plots at once, it was still a pretty weak episode. It was distracted by a mere one side-thing going on, but goddamn, did that bit of boredom eat up a chunk of time right in the middle of everything. And as I mentioned already, the fight began with Vladarnic shrugging off being impaled, mostly consisted of him being shot/stabbed/impaled/burned and just popping over to mist form because it doesn't count, and then ended with him being stabbed by someone else, but that time, it did count. Triple count! Because writing is hard. Also, he murdered the nobody masters we've basically never seen, off screen. You'd think that if this was supposed to be Shirou's ascendency episode, he would've shown up for more than about two minutes, and not have a mountain of lazy-author plot superiority over everything. Well, you would if you're not familiar with Japanese light novel writing, at any rate.


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  • arknoir says:

    The only thing I constantly think about when watching this anime is how cheap and underwhelming the heroes on both sides come off and how crappy the noble phantasms are compared to previous works.

    Be truthful…..Who isn’t buzzing for Bloodstained ritual of the night after watching this episode.