Fate/Apocrypha #11 — Extra Slow Explosion

September 9th, 2017


Please hold your explosions until we finish this conversation.


I'm really happy that we finally got to see the end of the centaur and whose-its' fight. You see, they jumped/teleported away when Berserker exploded. That's it. That was the stunning conclusion to the battle that we left incomplete for the last month or so. Apparently they were happening nearby each other, but not near the Lancer fight, because that was completely unaffected by anything. The sky castle also apparently finally reached its destination, whereupon it would shake things up by tornado-ing instead of exploding. And then all interrupted fights recommenced… for about fifteen seconds. It's hard to feel like we're making any progress, guys. Perhaps finish what we begin. Or don't pretend like we've finished only to go right back to literally the exact same thing just to leave it hanging again because we need to cut away to some ponces aggressively chewing the scenery.

So no, definitely not one of the stronger episodes. Not one of the weakest either since there was at least some action, and I guess maybe you could count Berserk dying… again… as maybe something that actually happened, assuming it sticks this time. The second half was pretty abysmal, especially the montage set to rambling and the snoozefest of two morose, grim, morons droning at each other to end the episode. Yeah, the explosion last week was dumb, especially since it apparently did jack squat, but they managed to find something even worse this week. 

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  • The Phantom says:

    I have been playing persona 5 on my PC (RPCS3, an emulator) and pretty much skipped the whole anime season, when is the next season preview coming?