18if #12 — Texts From Beyond the Grave

September 22nd, 2017


Being dead doesn't mean as much as it used to.

I'm going to be out of town Friday to Sunday of next week. The big finale will be delayed. I've not decided if I'm bringing my laptop with me yet or not, or if I'm leaving before I'd get to cover this. There should be a filler post at least of just fanservice nonsense. Season preview for autumn will be out some time during the week. New season begins October 2nd as far as anything that isn't a sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a sequel of a sequel is concerned, and the season in general looks dreadful at a glance.


It's kind of impressive how they got all the witches together in the real world, even the dead one, and then they proceeded to all collectively be the most boring, banal, garbage pieces of padding nonsense imaginable. Nothing could happen with them without explaining it at least three or four times. Hell, they randomly decide to take a sidetrip off a complete whim, literally stumble over coma-Haruto, and then spend about five more minutes mincing over whether or not that guy who looks exactly like Haruto and sets their Spidey Senses tingling really is the right Haruto.  And that's about the entirety of their contribution to the episode.

Almost as bad is the backstory of the Professor's sister, which is an exact copy of the idol's… and the ice skater's… only even more half-assed. And then they overcome her by shoving his tongue down her throat and then threaten to have an impromptu idol concert. Thankfully, they don't. They just sort of scream at a CGI hydra briefly before switching to lasers and calling it a day. And yet, the episode still had about three more minutes to pad out. Between last week's and this week's, I think we've had maybe 10 minutes of actual content.

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