18if #11 — Adam and Zzzve

September 15th, 2017


Boy, I love lectures and clips shows.


I guess it's time to give up on the weird episodic stuff and get to the nonsensical central non-plot. After the string of incomprehensible episodes, it's a little weird to have them simply infodump the whole thing in essentially a series of lectures as a twenty minute infodump with recap montage almost desperately trying to show that it all really did make sense. They failed, by and large, because everything remains total nonsense, and their definition is so broad that they were equating the ennui one has from running out of murder-vengeance victims to not having a date on Friday night to being deaf to paranoid mass executions by a tyrant (or whatever the hell that CGI episode was), and that it was at least half just straight up clips show, but hey, at least it was complete rubbish from a guy in a tinfoil hat. Literally.

Anyway, I guess I can attempt to summarize my dim understanding of what they were trying to go for. The real world is actually a dream by Eve, and if Whose-It wakes up, Eve will wake up too, therefore ending the world. Except Eve's dream is the concept of suffering and strife, and the witches are people who have freed themselves from that. But there's a cult who sees waking witches out of their true selves as sinning, and waking Eve is the ultimate sin. Unless, of course, you awaken her with love, in which case, it's the ultimate, uh… anti-sin? So don't wake her up, unless you do it the exact same way that you've woken up the last ten characters of the week. Got it. Also, there's some kid who stalks the cult and tells people they're full of crap before wandering off. Now if only we could figure out who or where this mystery Adam person is. Can't imagine!

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