18if #10 — And Now, Hanako on Guitar

September 8th, 2017


This show's getting progressively weirder.


It's starting to look like they put all the genuinely experimental episodes in the second half, although I suppose I shouldn't forget that the first couple had him gleefully murdering people. Visually experimental then, so at least the whole package matches the writing that continues to be all the hell over the place, this week not showing up for fifteen minutes, and then taking over nonsenseville while the director/animators left early. I have the feeling that this was trying to be a very Ghibli-esque presentation of a dream world… er, more of a dream world than usual, but the budget got in the way and they had to drop over half the frames… and then stop animating entirely for most of the last five minutes.

Anyway, after exploring a random conglomeration of various fantasy lands, they had a rave. Then it abruptly stopped and turned into a heavy metal guitar solo, followed by a sword fight, followed by a photoshoot. If you think there was any context to any of this, guess again. Not that I wanted an infodump up front, but fifteen minutes into the episode and now we're listening to opera while a seemingly unconnected flashback plays. It was later proven to be so, except in reference to children playing, like smoking, is a thing that happens somewhere. Eventually, we just have the cat come out and say that she's a blogger in a coma, using her powers to… blog. Also she was sick, ergo a dream world where she can do anything, but especially smoke. The end. That's her whole deal. No particular twist on it or anything. Life sucks, so I made a fun world, but eh, I guess life is life. A pretty half-assed excuse to around fifteen minutes of faffing followed by a really lame infodump. I guess they also reveal that the final arc is going to have something to do with how the kid you only ever see in dreams may in fact, be stuck in them, but my half-assed bet was on figment of Whose-Its imagination anyway.

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