Symphogear AXZ #08 — Power Level Problems

August 19th, 2017


I don't know what this episode was supposed to accomplish.


So, why exactly did we have Genjuro effortlessly wipe the floor with them 1v6? To try to make it seem like Team Good actually sucks? Is Genjuro going to turn out to be a secret villain? Aren't we supposed to have them job to the antagonists? And speaking of which, I also feel like I completely missed something with the one girl being grievously injured. I remember her getting kind of exploded towards the end of the previous episode, but that happens to all of them multiple times in every fight.

They're also trying to make the smallest molehill into the biggest mountain of awesomeness. The chesty antagonist connected with a couple punches, and all of a sudden, is grinning like she's the king of awesome mountain and it's a huge comeback when they… just get up, transform into their +1 forms, and can then tank her attacks head on without flinching before nuking her. Hell, they showed her shots bouncing off their goddamned faces. Are the antagonists going to win a fight at any point in this entire season? Land a single blow that has an impact past five seconds? Looking like a solid no so far! We've still got half the idiot brigade to do the triumphant power up thing for… again.

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One Lonely Comment

  • AGear2Ax says:

    Genjuro almost defeated single handedly the big bad of season 1. I dunno what’s the point of it.

    Also, why suddenly the +1 form can defeat an alchemist? IIRC they said the +1 form was weak against the alchemists because it is an impure form or something like that.