Symphogear AXZ #06 — Reverse Hydra

August 5th, 2017


I prefer the banana noise, honestly.


What are they even doing? Astral Dr. Evil pisses right off again before we're even a quarter of the way through the episode, the entire episode is spent fighting noise, and the noise is stupid as all hell. Everything is stupid as all hell. It's not a hydra, it's a REVERSE hydra. When you cut off a body, it spawns two more bodies. It's like some kind of stupid SNES boss that gradually gets smaller or faster. Or perhaps just Super Pang. And maybe the stupidest part is that they all go "Urgh! This is impossible!" as they keep splitting it into smaller and smaller sub-hydras. It's not until the last minute of the episode that the actual baddies decide they feel like participating, in their unpowered forms. It's them powering up… again… that would be the 'cliffhanger' for the episode. I'm not exactly feeling like we're making any progress, guys.

Don't get me wrong, though. As far as filler goes, it's still superior to 16 minutes of sipping tea and chatting, although certainly does share the pointless flashback crap with certain other showsIt's animated, it's action, music, camera up the crotches, etc. But we're still fighting the mooks that we were already killing by the busload by 5 episodes into the first season, and no amount of gasping is going to pretend like the thing you just effortlessly bisected from three zipcodes away is actually a threat to anybody. Have it rip off an arm, and maybe we can talk. Especially if it actually sticks this time.

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