Spy Kids #08 — Princess and the Pauper

August 27th, 2017


Did anybody not see the 'twist' coming about 10 seconds into the flashback?


Basically as soon as the flashback started where Ange/Charlotte (or should I say Charlotte/Ange) were essentially identical twins right from instantly the moment they met, I announced to the dogs that the ol' switcheroo and who the actual princess was. A bigger twist would've been had they not ended up switched. It might've worked had it not been so blindingly obvious, and especially had they not overdramatized it to such an absurd degree in the latter going of the episode. All the crap about how a ten(ish) year old needs to be a master of all social graces at all times is patently ridiculous, especially since it starts out by showing everyone completely ignoring her due to more important things going on. Like being shelled by artillery. Apparently the time of constant paranoid vigilence began approximately 3 seconds after screaming that she wasn't the princess.

The non-flashback part of the episode was mostly going through the motions with a side of yet more quasi-daddy issues as our 'covert' spies decide to overtly stick their nose into other people's business and expose themselves for an ounce of sentimentality. So much for all that business about having to be vigilent 24/7, huh? They solved the thingy halfway into the episode thanks mostly to deus ex machina, the most satisfying of all ways for a protagonist to overcome a challenge.

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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    They’ve made this obvious since like episode 2? It kills the suspense when they’ve been blatantly yelling “BOY, THE PRINCESS AND ANGE SURE DO LOOK ALIKE, I WONDER WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!” fro the mountaintops.