Fate/Apocrypha #09 — Battle Interruptus Interruptus

August 26th, 2017


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Same issues as ever. At least the animators found their big boy pants (and/or some pocket change in the couch) and most of the fights were actually animated this week. If you thought that bit between the centaur and his former pupil/boy-love was going to be wrapped up this week, then too goddamned bad. If you thought at the 15 minute mark that we would be getting the end to literally any of the about five different fights going on, then I guess you were half right, as Frankengirl got sucked into an extended flashback, letting Boy-Ciel wandered off. That was the closest thing to a conclusion that literally anything that started last week had. Hell, a character gasps in surprise at the result of their giant explosion attack at the nine minute mark of the episode. This will then be dropped completely until next week. If we're lucky.

So… the director and writers are still going by the "throw everything in a big pile, mix it up, and spread out six different eight minute scenes across three episodes" method. We should implement a rule that you can't start a new fight until you finish at least two of the ones you've already begun. And without focus, weight, climaxes, conclusions, or even really drama besides the painfully stupid flashback sequences out of nowhere, I remain without anything to latch onto and care about. There definitely could be a lot of character stories here, but when they're doled out in two minute chunks across an entire month, interspersed with five other stories similarly split up, and further watered down by characters taking a time-out in the middle of battling skeleton hordes just to chew scenery, there may as well not be any at all.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Yualexius says:

    This is an action packed episode and is truly delightful to watch despite of some minor flaws. Somehow, what this series lacks is the devotion to every class’ characteristics, traits, and abilities. Imagine assassin acting as a caster, even Astolfo thought that Semiramis is the caster of red which is not. Same thing goes with the 2 berserkers. The animation could be excuse but the execution of the story could be done better. Hopefully, they could improve it as we are now getting to the conclusion. Anyway, Achilles is definitely awesome to watch.