Restaurant to Another World #01 — Dragon Boobs

July 3rd, 2017


I'm pretty sure they're not mammals.


I expected more food porn and less T&A. I can't really say that it's worse for that though, although that's all relative as this is already pretty firmly in the basement. The food porn of it is just… drawing slightly more-detailed food… sort of. One brownish blob of meat looks the same as any other. I guess the dragon lady moans a little while eating it too. If you were expecting anything like a deep dive into recipes, cooking, or even close-ups of anything besides saucy blobs of meat, then look elsewhere. All you would get the whole thing is some pictures of food and a little label would pop up saying what it is. I think there may almost be more close-ups of discarded plates than there are of actual food.

The second half traded some of the fanservice for the world's longest character introduction to the protagonist girl all over the promo art and OP. Well, I say world's longest, but since this is Japanese media, I should specify that it was a mere 10 ten minutes, which probably doesn't even crack the top fifty. Presented by her just spitting out her backstory to a very plodding montage. In the dark. Because we don't believe in lights here. Also, then she took a shower for more fanservice. And of course, she shrilly squealed and moaned over the food too. But gee, it sure… ate up 22 minutes. Mission successful. Check please.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I have to admit this show made me hungry heh, it is harmless and I guess it was ok? Nothing stands out but nothing really is wrong with it either, some extra points for not making the chef a insecure teenager.

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    I have to admit, it was funny watching Dragon lady turn into a big ass Dragon just to lick up the rest of the beef stew like a dog, but outside of that the show was pretty boring.

  • Opulent Rag says:

    Shows like this and Knight’s Magic are the some of the worst, imo. It’s frustratingly annoying how there are kernels of interesting ideas and story elements only for them to take a big, squirty dump on them just to continue the race for being the most generic and/or predictable trend chaser of the season.

  • Germanguy says:

    Give the “new” Seiyuss an chance. Seems like my ears are telling me this show has some fresh ones. No not the cook, seems like he is a pro

    Lets see. got my curiosity

  • arknoir says:

    so essentially, the obligatory teenage girl uses the anywhere door and mugs some soup out of a pot and sleeps on the floor of the magical cafe. Chef clocks this and offers to cook meal for two to let the bird’s guard down cos when your hungry you don’t care. chef clocks she’s a homeless scrubber so In a calm voice offers her a below minimum wage job and meals. she’s thinks she won the power ball.chef knows he’s on it so looks at her dirty clothes and tells her to wash with stuff she ain’t seen before like soap.when she finished she’s changed into a convenient staff uniform that a perfect fit and he’s such a good guy he asked if the shoes fit. The girl could die happy now. She goes back through the anywhere door and sleep on her horse bed like its the best day ever and not at any point suspect how bloody creepy and sketchy that old chef is.

    Oh and the dragon lady’s nice body had me hooked until she was eating the beef stew out of the pot……