Princess Principal #02 — Random CGI Ballroom Doorway Spin

July 16th, 2017


That moment was weird.

The horse-vagina show decided it was already time for a swimsuit episode, but still had no horse-vaginas, just because people were so into that last week. Knight's (sic) and Magic continued to be the "Eru is amazing at EVERYTHING!" show. This week, it featured him delivering exposition about the mechs at very long length before two other people sparred. Thrilling.


Utterly bizarre overdramatic CGI spin to highlight entering a room aside… Not a huge fan of an origin story here instead of just going on ahead with things. This also ditched the action/magic/ninja sides of things to put more emphasis on the intrigue. Not exactly the most exciting of things, and I still wouldn't say that it's handled great, but insinuation through exposition, and leaving the long explanations unsaid while simply conveying the knowledge of them, is definitely a different and preferable form of monster than the straight-up infodumping that pervades most Japanese media. I would still prefer it lean on the cheesy angle, especially when it comes to the gravity and ninjas though.

Not a ton else to say though. It's an origin story, but we already met these characters and know most about them last week. The princess revealed she's ambitious, has some kind of history with grav girl, and… uh… I guess maybe we have some antagonists… maybe? We already know how it ends, so any bit about "Will they/won't they" at the end was eye-rolling at best. They definitely could've done this more like a heist with a bit more misdirection than just that silly note, which they showed the princess reading previously anyway while going on about who one should trust, so not even really a surprise. I don't think the show has that in it though.

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  • Neclord X says:

    Well, at least they keep doing spy things, that’s a good signal.