Magical Circle #01 –Yelling Quest

July 11th, 2017


I miss parody.


It's certainly indulging in the retro art style… and the painful yelly non-gags. If you thought things like using a cannon or catapult to travel was wacky in those old NES/SNES RPGs, but what they really needed was someone screaming at the top of their lungs about how illogical it was to use a cannon/catapult, then great news! Practically every 'joke' here is reminding us of some old RPG thing and then screaming that it is not actually a normal thing. Or sometimes it just starts spontaneously screaming because it saw someone dressed in pink, or a particularly shiny object.

It doesn't linger at least, nor be bogged down with a mountain of unneeded infodumping about the setting, but there's only so much yelling that I can take, and this surpassed that thresshold by about the six minute mark and my soul gradually eroded from there. I also have no love for Dragon Quest, the primary donor of many of the things that this 'borrows' from, so there is no nostalgia to be mined on that front from the blackened depths of my heart.

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