Here Come Three Angels #01 — I Can’t Even Begin To Pretend To Care

July 10th, 2017


I like how they trace guitars, but haven't seen a computer mouse since 2003.


The only positive thing I'm going to say is that it contains expontentially more closeups of the thunderputz's mouse than it does upskirt or cheesecake shots of the ten year olds it'll proceed to be fetishizing in their dream to be the latest in the line of mass-produced prepackaged corporate starlets. The first half was boring and atrocious, with an ADHD camera leaping around between random objects all over the room because otherwise it would've been about 10 straight minutes of watching a putz futz around with his computer. The second was just god awful chirpy little girls club crap with a dose of idol worseness. Been there. Done that. This is a pale imitation of what's already a fairly abhorrent subgenre that needs to go away forever.

Wholeheartedly recommended if you're into glorification of sacks of garbage with no redeeming qualities sitting around doing nothing at all, and close-ups of budget mice. Thank you, and good afternoon.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Sol says:

    Downloaded because I saw 3P in the title. Naturally, I was disappointed beyond belief.