Fate/Apocrypha #05 — You Think, Therefore You Am

July 29th, 2017


Repeat for ten minutes.


A massive backslide from last week's episode, and especially basically every single part between Sieg and Ruler may as well have screamed "HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT THIS IS A LIGHT NOVEL!?" Sieg is such a bland piece of absolutely nothing, and instead of having a little sparring session against the entirety of Team Black to assert her dominance or whathaveyou, Ruler just chats, and then chats some more, and then spends the rest of it being demure and cutesy, like a good little magical girlfriend. At least then it would've had some action. Instead, we get Sieg and Ruler having a little existential chat for around half the damn episode. It's the only thing approaching the story 'moving' anywhere, and that goes exactly as far as you'd expect a saltine cracker talking to a dutch wife to.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    My fucks are almost gone. They are taking too long to reach the “half naked assassin of black” parts I’m here for. Now I have to deal with a crap romance on top of not getting my TMI material.

  • PP says:

    Budget has been spent as of last episode.
    So many shots of heads and blank faces.