Fate/Apocrypha #04 — Organ Donor

July 22nd, 2017


I doubt that's sterile.

If (a MAJOR if) I get to Blade Dance, it'll be a little delayed, as might also be Symphogear. Puppy stuff.


An episode focused on the action? In a show all about super-powered warriors trying to kill each other? What madness is this? I can only assume that means that the next month will be spent chewing the scenery. Which isn't to say that there wasn't plenty of mastication going on this week. Christ. These people can't even take a dump without first announcing themselves, the righteousness of their bowel movement upon the toilet, and then taunting the bidet, to say nothing of Berserker1's anticlimactic end to a multi-episode tromp through the woods, prefaced and postfaced by another couple minutes of aimless rambling. But this is still a hell of a lot closer to the balance of action and blathering drivel that it should be.

Also a somewhat backhanded thing, the greater focus on the Dead Guy Of the Week just highlighted how this show should've been set up all along. By ignoring all the characters off doing their own crap unrelated to the main one(s) for the episode, and focusing down on just the ones that'll be there for an actual sort-of climax to the end of the episode, we actually feel some progression and a climax to events. Episodic character-focused vignettes amidst the greater war would've been great. Alas, the setting is more important than the characters or the story, so we're only now in the goddamned fourth episode starting to get to those. Maybe. Unless, of course, next week, we have to recover and review. 


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  • Neclord X says:

    I didn’t believe the rumors, but I have to admit, internet was right, Astolfo “best girl” with difference XD As well as an awesome bro.