Fate/Apocrypha #03 — …My Luggage…

July 15th, 2017


I think that was probably the most human moment of the entire episode.


Consider this post to cover both this and Blade Dance, because I don't have a whole lot new to say about either of them since they both put up more or less the same episodes as last week. F/A's big change was having the minute of action come in the middle instead of the start or the end. Blade Dance's was having them stare out over the ocean while waxing melancholic before killing another dozen zombies and zombie fish melodramatically. Both continued on with more or less the same as last week though. This can't seem to stop introducing characters and setting up for the big story that I'm not convinced is ever going to come, not to mention flashbacks just to spit out random backstory for characters that maybe we'll get around to them being important in a few weeks… or months, and the other, uh… continues to be a moderate amount of ado about pretty much nothing.

I think I'd give this the edge for the moment, since perhaps it could finally kick into gear and provide a little dramatic oomph to the action instead of using an explosion to get sucked into a flashback from whence we never really escaped (thanks, internal narration!), but even with the somewhat more and still better animated action of the latter, I just don't see how they could make that pack of meandering bores interesting, and they don't seem very interested in anything approaching story elements either. Don't be shocked if I throw up my hands in resignation/boredom on either of these next week though. This is probably why I keep ending up stuck with Symphogear as each iteration gets progressively worse (although it'd be hard to top 3 in that regard). 


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Paulo27 says:

    Missed oportunity to alternate the screenshots with both F/A and Sword Things.

    anise_punter says:

    i see i wasn’t the only one expecting it

  • Tiresias says:

    I “like” how the last third of the previous episode has the whole “Berserker charging at the castle” thing, and then the end of this episode…has Berserker still charging at the castle, only this time with additional talking heads.

    Romania is Namek now.