Virgin Soul #10 — Improper Concussion Protocol

June 9th, 2017


Brain damage explains a lot.


So… that's two weeks in a row where the primary thing 'happening' was a flashback to explain something that didn't need explaining, and didn't actually explain anything. This week it expanded to consume the entire episode, so I imagine next week will be the first half of a two parter covering the how Elvis went to work for King Nazi. We have changed from going nowhere, and are literally going backwards at this point. Jeanne wasn't even an integral character in the first series. She's barely been a whiff of a presence in this one. But sure, here's twenty minutes about how she's kicked around by the world some more because being a martyr is all she's got, had an angel toddler dumped on her, and then cut off its wings and ran off with some demon corpse instead to protect it. This changes things by… making it so that there's one less episode. Fantastic.

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