Virgin Soul #04 — “Let’s Recap”

April 28th, 2017


Way to blow any momentum from the first half of the episode.


The first half here was probably the best that this second season's been. An actual fight with actual animation. Sure, the CGI soldiers were still bumming around. Sure, the direction was as wonky as ever. I particularly liked the bit where Azazel was magically pinned and about to be executed with a giant sword, then we cut away to him Team Rocketing over a dozen buildings to land at Nina and his boyfriend's feet, where he chasted his boyfriend for showing up where he was going to crater. It's like part of the storyboard was cut out and nobody noticed, especially since part of the pre-episode introduction was to remind us about that angel stuff. Thanks for the recap of 'plot' points (to be generous with the word) that won't be relevant this week. Maybe no weeks for all we know.

And then we reach the second half. It's not the worst that this season's been, but if you thought the second episode harping on about demon abuse after demon abuse being the only notable thing about the first episode was annoying, then get ready for exposition about how… Nina's a dragon.And it's a secret that Nina's a dragon. And Nina can't control her dragonness due to puberty hormones. That's basically it. That's how they spent the majority second half of the episode. On that. On explaining that. And I guess also a bit where Kaisar/Azazel went to their buddy humans/demons to affirm their loyalty to them. 

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