Virgin Soul #03 — Over the Top

April 21st, 2017

Someone stab someone already.


What was even going on with this episode? Nina was scamming regular people out of money by arm wrestling them, including the king in disguise. Then the king makes a big show out of torture-killing a demon to draw out Azazel. That's really all that actually happened this week, and the latter was the cliffhanger for next week. I'm at a loss to tell you even an iota of what the rest of the episode had. Nina freaking out because the king is handsome, but the Fabio knockoffs she was surrounded by aren't pretty enough? An approximately five minute random conversation in an alley during the arm wrestling about how… stuff… is… happening… maybe. A staff meeting to plan for the night's torture-murder activities? Eating dinner? Should I be happy that they didn't have a goofy insert song over that part, or annoyed that it's just some nothingness of a time filling scene that I can't even blame on the producers shilling merchandise?

It's getting to the point where when Favaro finally gets around to showing up, it'll be to discuss the kingdom's tax rate. We're three episodes in, and only Azazel's really done anything. How long are they simply going to bum around? Is this cliffhanger going to be dropped like cold poop the same as the last two… and a bunch of the ones in the first season? Wait, I think I already answered that question. For christ's sake. More adventure, less… nothing.

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    also, i have a guts feeling that this Holy Child name is something alike Jesus.. But i do hope they have another name for him. Then if they give him this name, then there must be a god father

    Germanguy says:

    you know, raise from the dead, healing wounds, creating food and so on. right now they missing walking over the water