Tsugumomo #03 — Padding

April 16th, 2017


Gotta fill in the back-pain requirement for the harem.


Probably the best this show's been thus far, but still pretty lacking in pacing and execution. The effort that should've gone into the serious fight instead went into the rooftop sparring bit, brief as both were. The rest of the episode was so much noise. Usually the boob boing noise. So it may very well be that marginalizing the obnoxious protagonist is the chief reason it felt a little more tolerable, although we did get an info dump about why he's just so super special despite having no redeemable qualities whatsoever. Still was full of "and then they stand around talking for a quarter of the episode," story's still not going much of anywhere, let alone anybody getting personally invested in anything, comedy was… some boob boing noises. Then again, it's up against Little Witch for Sundays, and that's spent three months barraging me with a character who'd be the super villain in any show with sane writing. Perhaps the only way to win Sundays this season is to not play at all. We'll see how insufferable that is shortly. 


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