Tsugumomo #02 — Reading Rampage

April 9th, 2017


So, given up trying on the action and comedy fronts already?

Alice & Zouroku's second (third, really) episode had zero giant hands, zero awful car chases, and very close to zero Zouroku (not that he's a pull). What it did have was a new muggle girl so they could putter around the house, doing housework and eating for two thirds of the episode, and then either having flashbacks or squealing at penguins for the rest, so that's about 40 minutes of pure static in 60 minutes of runtime so far, and those other 20 minutes ain't going to win any prize either, unless it's for Godawfulness in Directing and CGI.


Although this one's making a pretty good argument to not bother with any Sunday shows at all. It had pretty much all the same issues as the first episode, but without any of this being 'new', it was all the more tedious for it. There may have been more exposition too, and the protagonist was definitely more of a worthless punching bag prop, completely superfluous to everything, down from sniffing scarves last week. Creepy, sure, but they've already given up the one thing that made him stand out from the seventy five billion other sacks this season. Nor did it help that the monster of the week went from a wig wearing a person to a bunch of CGI books, defeated by his pure heart. Give me a goddamned break.

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  • Paulo27 says:

    You’re gonna follow this? Honestly, even ignoring the terrible content, this show looks so awful and low budget that I really can only commend you for being that dedicated to having to follow something like this just for the sake of having something to cover.