Tsugumomo #01 — Let’s Sniff Some Silk

April 2nd, 2017


Because it reminds me of mommy. And this is not gross in any way.

As I mentioned earlier today, there was a webcast of episodes 1 and 2, but the terrestrial broadcast today is just episode 1. The webcast was many hours ago at this point though, and still isn't up, and if it's not up by the time I finish with Little Witch, then it'll come with the terrestrial broadcast next week… assuming this episode/the next one don't bore/angrify me enough to throw it in a lake, at any rate.


This begins with Blando dreaming about a girl in the middle of class, accidentally groping some girl, getting beat up by her, peeking up her skirt, and getting beat up again. It's barely over two minutes in, and I'm already… fatigued. He then goes up to the roof where he starts explaining to the magic goat that lives in his head why he's sniffing an old scarf. Yes, I know it's an obi. Shut up. At that point, someone's discarded merkin comes to life and knocks him off the roof, so the scarf turns into a girl, saves him, and then beats him up. So the merkin also turns into a girl and also tries to beat him up. Then the girls fight. Sort of. Well, the first half of it certainly ended better than it began, but it could've had characters spontaneously break into the can can and that would've been a marked improvement from how things began.

The second half unfortunately went straight into padding, being nothing but some exposition and lame fanservice. It's not even like the fight was great either, and I'm going to lay that entirely on the direction because at least the animation wasn't resorting to stills or five minutes of blathering. Still, there's only so much excitement that can be gleaned from lame loops of close-ups of feet skipping around. That's how they decided it would be best to show off the graceful dodging of attacks. The protagonist is one of the sackiest sacks of crap around, with basically no personality whatsoever, and the magic girlfriend is about as generic as they come. All of the humor is in the form of beating up or otherwise abusing the protagonist for being a sack of crap too, so it's not quite a side-splitting laugh riot.

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  • DmonHiro says:

    Wait.. so this has no actual nudity? I’m not asking because I want nudity, I’m just saying… why make it then?