The Akashic Records of Yada Yada #01 — Ur Light Novel

April 4th, 2017

Boy, this season is just off to a fantastic start.


Well, the male protagonist does have a personality. I guess it makes very few overtures of pretending like it has any action either, so it didn't do it badly; it just didn't do it at all. Aaaand that's about where my lofty praise for this will have run its course. It's a slow, dull episode, punctuated only by the protagonist popping up to be assault someone, and be assaulted in return. That's also about the sum total of the jokes as well. I guess it also likes to announce how lazy/terrible he is too. Does that count as a joke? There's a little bit of past-angst referenced, but no actual story or narrative set up; just "pervert teacher who doesn't want to teach harasses teenage girls by acting like a horny 13 year old." Start, middle, end. So no matter how much better having anything for a personality is better than simply being a sack of crap, that's not going to help when the rest of the cast are all sacks and after twenty-five minutes, any kind of narrative is something still in potentia.

But of all the dumb fanservicey things about it, especially the fetishy school uniforms, I think the thing that gets under my craw the most is how they're all wearing their underwear halfway down their thighs. Come on, Japan. Crack open a Victoria's Secret or something. Talk to a girl. Try to understand basic physics as it relates to the hips and clothing. It's not even like it's that fanservicey either though, but no less creepy for it being an adult in a place of authority attempting to abuse it to harass teenagers. So maybe crack a book on sexual harassment too while you're at it, Japan.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Those uniforms look like they came straight out of some video of an aging porn star pretending to be “barely legal.”

    In fact, that’s probably where half the plot came from, particularly the part where all the girls are stripping naked, and Cat Ears randomly fondles her friend.

  • The Phantom says:

    Dude what is up with those uniforms, whoever designed that stuff must be some porn addict and using them with underage girls makes him some kind of twisted sicko.

    I liked this a little bit, is generic and cliche and obviously the teacher is absurdly overpowered, but is fun and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

  • Neclord X says:

    I still kind of wonder why they got so mad when he entered the changing room…I mean, it is not as if they were revealing any more skin than they were exposing while walking through the street.

    Anyway, for those wondering about the uniforms (I was curious too so I checked) it seems there is some retarded “plot” reason for them. Something about women condensing mana through her uterus or something like that. Also, it seems in this setting on average males suck at magic because they don’t have magic uterus.

    I’m being totally “serious” here.

    Paulo27 says:

    If it was one of the riskier ones MC would have to massage their uterus to produce mana.

  • elior1 says:

    not bad episode but not so good. i will give it 3 episodes rule

  • jgoi says:

    Did not notice those odd “garterbelts” before, was busy trying to not hate the main girl (didn’t work).