Sin #01 — Overly Touchy Lesbians

April 14th, 2017

As in the gropey kind.

First, Twin Angel's second episode remained a pale shadow of its original incarnation. The bitchy girl loves animals, so they bonded over… animals. And going to some kind of weird petting zoo convention, where the hedgehog was entered in a race against a pig and a giraffe. That was the height of the humor. The 'boss' had the power of making copies, thus necessitating help, so bitchy learned maybe she can't do it by herself, and they had a friendship bath together. Second, and far more interestingly, Kamidori's ACTUAL spiritual sequel's trial is out. Definitely carving some time out for it this weekend. And yes, I'd throw PA back on the shelf in a heartbeat if I like it.


I was going to comment on the rare restraint shown by waiting until five minutes before the traditional Hobby Japan fanservice and groping began, but the five to six minute mark featured all of melting clothing, thigh caressing, nipple sucking, and then one getting blasted away with their spread crotch ending up hurtling towards the entire camera until there was nothing but cameltoe. And yet, despite that, it was only a few minutes later before a hand was back up the vagina. To its credit, the next girl was met with a swift kick to the boobs. Of course, when the 'main' fight started, it was one hit to make all clothes explode and then back to the crotch cams. Then she put on some kind of flying skull segway as her new clothes and proceeded to do absolutely nothing while everybody else teamed up as the frame rate plummeted because animating is really hard, guys.

I do have a hard time being too hard on it though considering how miserable the rest of the season has been. It does a marginally passable job of laying out the setting, the main actors, the quest, and ends on stabbing the naive, innocent girl starstruck with an angel. It's so little, and yet, so much more than a dozen other shows accomplished in twice the time. More dialogue heavy than it needed to be, but then again, they probably would've just spent more time groping if not for it. It does help that it's coached in the animus between the characters (racially based, of course) rather than explaining things for the sake of the audience. Nor is it as trashy as I was expecting, but it's still not like you can miss all the times the camera is shoved up the hooha, and expectations for a Hobby Japan show are about 45% groping anyway. That this was only around 10% ain't going to win any Girl Scout badges. If it had put some genuine effort into animating the fights, and was a little more visceral about carving off wings and/or stabbing virgins, it certainly could've been fun. Trashy popcorn fun like Freezing's first season or the more murdery seasons of Ikki Tousen, but fun. Alas.

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