Machiavellism #02 — Fever Dreams

April 12th, 2017

Maybe this season is what ends me.

Guys, it's not Machiavellianism. Get with the program here.


And so we start in on week two with expectations and standards dropped through the floor and far beyond. This is… not a strong season. No eye candy, very few characters I don't already want to strangle and/or be strangled, and exposition, exposition, exposition, and yet more exposition. But in hopes that something will show some spark of life in its second episode, we soldier onward.

No such luck here though. Given how poor the action was last week, it's hard to say that it's gotten any worse. Then again, they didn't really do anything new this week at all, just rearranged things a bit so that the 'hilarious misunderstanding' happened in the middle instead of the end. Didn't even have to come up with any kind of new way of beating them or anything. I think he blocked or dodged maybe or two attacks, and that's it. Fight over. Just did literally the exact same thing with slightly more talking about… stairs I think? Like… they stopped in the middle of the non-fight to do a bit about how the 'fancy' ones calls stairs something pretentious. Total package here, folks. Non-comedy, non-action, AND an entire cast of girls just aching at the seams for the protagonist because… protagonist!

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    I really thought that Not-Nanoha magical fighting league anime would have been the one to make you quit.

    There was that, there was Komugi which they made bad, the ZKC spinoff series, the second Seitokai Ichizon season that I still liked but it wasn’t nearly as good as the first – pretty much everything I’ve seen you react positively to they’ve made more of and it’s been worse, with the exception of GA Art Design.

    Anyways, the blonde in the top row of images is cute enough, I guess, though the mini-curls at her shoulders are really weird and off-putting.

    Aroduc says:

    Death by a hundred cuts.

    …A hundred thousand cuts.

  • Neclord X says:

    Second episode and they already run out of budget?