Atom: The Beginning #01 — *honk*

April 15th, 2017


The nose wouldn't bother me as much if it didn't keep changing size.


The OP promised car surfing, robots training, robots fighting, more robots fighting, and style. The actual episode has…large noses? Wandering around town? A parade of robots piloted by other robots? The only excitement came from one of them catching fire, so the 'main' robot (who basically doesn't appear in the episode) punched a hole in a water tower to put it out. Well, gee. Hold onto my hat because this story's moving a goddamned mile a minute. Then there was some nose grabbing, as if they weren't drawn weirdly retro-y enough to call further attention to it. 

No, not what I'd call a good first episode, especially after the checks that the OP wrote which seemed to be for a completely different show. It was meandering, slow-paced, and did little more than some superficial introductions to most (?) of the cast. We'd bump into a dude in a spider-wheelchair, do a little bit with him, and then off he goes. A girl simply wandered around, providing exposition at the start, and gazing in wonder at the end. The main guys… squeezed noses and applied ointment to each other's naked bodies. Little substance in characters or narrative, no promise of more to come either for that matter, and nothing really noteworthy on the production side either to make it visually enjoyable either. An episode of yet more white noise in a season choked with the same.

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  • jgoi says:

    106 looks like the prototype to the 2003 version of Atlas.