Anonymous Noise #01 — La La La

April 11th, 2017

Sing from the diaphragm, not by sucking air like a vacuum.


I think the thing that annoys me the most is how they show some sketches of musical notation, and the peasants split measures across multiple lines. You don't goddamned do that. There's a pretty hilarious disconnect between the vocals and visuals. Just go ahead and assume that every screenshot below where her mouth is open wide enough to swallow a basketball whole isn't her screaming. It's her going "la la la." Not even particularly loudly. And then, she sings during a concert, somehow managing to supposedly be louder than the entire microphoned band. Still not actually really raising her voice, mind you. It just is, okay. Except, of course, during the bit at the end where she has a seizure on stage. For us, the audience, we can't hear her at all over the drums. But for the audience in the show, she's the best singer ever and none of that was idiotic or embarrassing at all. And especially not the CGI or violent shakeycam to cover up the parts they didn't even feel like digging that out for.

Frankly, I find myself more sympathetic for the jealous girl than anything else. The protagonist is a melodramatic moron who attracts bloom like a corpse attracts flies, and elbows her out of the group without a second thought, but since she has feeeelings and flashbacks for her childhood friend, that means it's all a-okay. Future antagonist is a go. It's impossible to take any attempts at human emotion seriously when the actors in this drama bear so little semblance to actual humans, in behavior, action, and ability to unhinge jaw yet make only barely more than a peep. And especially when it keeps resorting to insane things to move the glacial story an inch forward. Someone in the audience singing at a rock concert!? HOLY GOATS! SUCH A THING HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! STOP EVERYTHING! THIS IS UNPRECEDENTED! Well, at least it gave me a little more to talk about than Sagrada Reset or AS THE MOON SO BEAUTIFUL. So consider that my endorsement; "staff probably took peyote instead of valium while working on this."

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  • net-diver says:

    Looking that the screen shots is kinda creepy. Even for anime the size of the eyes is huge and in some pictures it seems like the iris makes up the entire eye