Akashic Records etc #02 — Let’s Add Rape

April 11th, 2017

There's about a 95% chance this post wouldn't have been made had they frontloaded the attempted rape.


This is simultaneously what the first episode should've been, yet also a sign that there's pretty much no hope for it going forward. We finally get all the exposition about why the protagonist is actually the super special wunderkind with a magic all of his own that everyone else can only look at with blushes and envy came in an extended infodump, to be almost immediately followed by antagonists crawling out of nowhere for a bout of attempted kidnapping and rape. See, it's hilarious when the protagonist sexually harasses teenagers dressed like strippers, AND he shows his heroism and wins them over by saving them from being sexually assaulted by other people. We're not even talking about just insinuation here either. The random dude overtly declares that he's going to rape her because he just plain enjoys raping little girls. Also, he has the extra super EXTRA SUPER magic power of sealing all magic, just in case you thought any part of this wasn't devoid enough of a single creative thought anywhere in its body.

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    What happened to editing? Someone at some point should have had the power to say “you know, the part where the guy admits he loves raping little girls, and everything after is stupid, do it again.”