Chain Chronicle #11 — “You Suck!”

March 18th, 2017


Oh no! Playground insults are my only weakness!

I got tired of waiting, especially with daylight saving effectively pushing back the air time even further. Also, I've kind of stopped caring about this show. Not sure I'll get to Jack tonight or if it'll have to wait until the morning. Running on about four hours of sleep at the moment, so might be a very early night.


It's not getting any worse, but it's not getting any better either. They could've used this episode to redeem/neutralize the corrupted protagonists and reestablish the main antagonist as a massive cruel badass, but we only sort of take some half-steps in that direction, so the conclusion next week (or three weeks ago) is going to be all the more flimsy. Five more goddamned minutes of speeches about the power of friendship weren't helping things either. I'll leave it to the jury to discuss whether or not the nude shots and closeups of Whose-Her-Face's cleavage out of nowhere and for no reason were helping. Probably not hurting at any rate. As far as flashbacks went, that was truly one of the most inane.

They were going to have problems with bringing Yuri back from THE DARKNESS anyway since the first corruption was half-assed enough, but Yuri's was truly arbitrary, so his redemption is going to be just as much so. I really still can't get past it either. I non-fatally stabbed a friend while massively hallucinating due to being pumped full of evil magic by an enemy. TRULY, THERE IS NO HOPE LEFT FOR ME. And it rings even hollower as they resolve Knighto's thing by saying it was all his fault for… being pumped full of evil magic and suspecting that the thief who was acting suspicious as all hell was suspicious. Truly, these are all the damned. And of course, being told how much he sucked was what he needed to stop bothering doing anything and let himself be smacked. I'd say killed, but who even knows anymore.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Knighto’s was a creep and it was mostly his fault, the rest was about 20% evil magic and 10% pink princess.