Chain Chronicle #09 — Writing Via Madlibs

March 4th, 2017


Take that, evil hair!

I'm cheating again because I have societal things to do this morning and tomorrow morning until the early afternoon. I can't cheat and watch/write up Little Witch early though, so it'll have to wait until I finish my other stuff tomorrow.


Did I miss an entire arc or something? Or did they just leap in time, space, and plot because they have a bunch of game stuff which they haven't covered yet and need to fit it in ASAP? This started with them having relocated to not-Arabia and talking about how now the thing that they super need to do is awaken some dragon. That got dropped about a third in for the action to start, and boy, does Pinky with her gigantic hair and general over-designed frillyness really take the CGI from passable if you squint to unignorable uncanny valley. Especially her hair. Good god, was that just always awful looking, and the back and forth between her and ogre-boy was little more than "You suck." URRRRGH! HOW DARE YOU!? YOU SUCK!" "NO, YOU!" And it certainly wasn't helped by an early comment from the peanut gallery remarking on how one of them is the best at pushing buttons.

But anyway, as per usual, about two thirds in, it was resolved by Aram yelling FRIENDSHIP! No idea why they want to be friends with the backstabbing, power-hungry, traitor, but hey, FRIENDSHIP! Friendship speech, and then the magic pet transformed into a hurriance that spits out magic swords before turning into a dragon, and the magic half of a book was somehow purged of evil and floated over to Aram because he is the destined one. Seriously now, people. I feel like I'm writing a madlib here, and I still can't even point to a second goddamned heroic thing that Aram's done in probably the last eight episodes aside from speeches about FRIENDSHIP!   


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Are these episode being leaked or something? why is this series so out of order?

  • ark noir says:

    I cheated and watched all the ovas. I wished a game studio could make a dragon force dev kit as I’d use the anime as FMV parts for my imaginary game cos lord knows Sega you haven’t lifted the story or characters gender swpapped or not from another one of your games. Chain Chronicle would be interesting then. I played the mobile game it was utter dross in my eyes. this anime being all about magical jesus Assassian’s kodomo and his mutual admiration of yaoi sorry Yuri and a bunch of other schleppers against Madruk and his dark forces is 12 epsidoes of hell. The chronicle books are plot cancer and damn it Shura(Mikaeil) stay heel dammit you the only decent character.