The Saga of Tanya the Pragmatic #02 — Air Bud Rules

January 13th, 2017


There's nothing in the military code against child soldiers. Oh wait.

I also sort of half-assed watching Schoolgirl Strikers's second episode, which worked out well because they half-assed making it, putting further emphasis on the putzing around.


Make no mistake though, this was still not a good episode. Pretty much every 'new' thing it introduced (new as in covered by the premise, but not brought up in the first episode) was fairly awful, ate up a monumental amount of time, and most of it was goddamned review anyway. Nor has the writing improved in the slightest. Once it finally got out of the dumbass reincarnation nonsense, it decided that it needed to rehash all the exposition from the first episode about the setting. Like, magic exists. And Tanya has magic. And war were declared. The crowning moment of idiocy was when, as a little orphan girl, she decided to become a military officer. A couple soldiers said, "Uh, aren't you a little young to be an officer?" And then it was dropped. We cut to her being an officer, I'm going to assume a couple weeks later, and everyone simply goes "Yeah, whatever." Are we operating under Air Bud rules here? There's nothing in the rules saying ten year old girls can't command armies!

The only improvement was the fight at the end, which was a little better set up as her actually struggling against the odds instead of her simply nuking everybody into oblivion. I mean, she still did, and the only injury she suffered were self-inflicted, complete with the standard light novel "protagonist recovering in bed" light novel thing, so there's ample room to improve, although I'm pretty sure a plot would be a good starting point. Who knows, though? Maybe we can have a prologue to the prologue explaining the history of World Prime and proto-Tanya's childhood.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    Tanya reminds me of Dr.Lorre…sorry if your boner died.

  • Neclord X says:

    I still miss the point of this being a reincarnated story. It literally adds nothing at all.

    This could have been perfectly the same if she was just an orphan born in that world that is a genius and hates God because muh I’m orphan.

    The salaryman part is completly irrelevant for the character or the setting or the story.

    May be for Japanese it helps to empatice with the main character, but to me it does the oposite. Can’t really get into the setting when God in person chose this specific Japanese guy to be reincarnated in another world. How much worlds God manages? Didn’t say God he manages 7 billon person? What about the other worlds, he doesn’t count those?

    PP2 says:

    It’s just easier to write. It’s a lot harder to motivate a random little girl to join the army than some random asshole. Just cheap writing.

    Anonymous says:

    so it makes sense when a young character acts like a 40 year old and has modern notions/ideas that would be out of reach for a Medival orphan

  • PP2 says:

    Maybe we can have a prologue to his life on Earth!

  • Germanguy says:

    The Salary men was there to have an Nippon connection for the viewers, or this anime run the danger to be the same like the last Witch. a story around Gaijins, with no connection to Nippon.

    Germanguy says:

    you can say, “an nippon soul, rules in an loli german body and rules the world!”

    in short? they are looking into the future bd sales…

    Opulent Rag says:

    I honestly believe that don’t even care about that salary man connection thing. An anime about a little white girl alone would already sell like fucking gangbusters, just input a contrived reason why she exists and they’d pretty much be printing money over their.