Little Witch Academia #03 — “Hooray for Cheating!”

January 22nd, 2017


Basic skills are pointless when you have "wonder in your heart."


My annoyance with Akko is starting to bloom into fullblown detest. This would be the quidditch episode, where despite being unable to so much as make a magic broom twitch, she decides that she's going to be a professional superstar solely because her idol was. Lo and behold, wanting it badly enough, and blatantly cheating, are enough to get her within a hair's breadth of winning. That may be a little uncharitable since unlike last week, it actually did show her trying, but those bits were mostly joke montages about how she couldn't do even the most basic thing.

Not that the other characters were handled much better this week either. Sucy was straight up cheating, which the other protagonists were more than happy to go along with, making the supposed antagonists the actual underdogs in the race. They also introduced seemingly a broom-racing specalist girl, but apparently her entire point was to steal the super broom that would also be bestowed upon Akko as is her divine right. And then she got kicked out for cheating because it's only okay if you're a protagonist. 


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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • elior1 says:

    cheating in anime. what new

  • gedata says:

    “And then she got kicked out for cheating”

    It was improper baton passing, which is apparently a dqable offense and not trying to steal your opponents broom.

    elior1 says:

    like they always saying There’s no such thing as a fair fight only wining matters in anime

  • algorithm says:

    “And then she got kicked out for cheating because it’s only okay if you’re a protagonist”

    It was a donut.

    elior1 says:

    since shoot out of canon are allowed in this race i guess replace ring with donut is also allowed

  • Germanguy says:

    The one that came up with this ideas, of this “children ride broomstick” and the others… Keep them, do not let him go.