Hand Shakers #01 — Visual Dischord

January 10th, 2017

My eyes and head hurt.


What a fantastic episode. It takes all of K's strengths; mixing frame rates between its CGI and more traditional animation, fish-eye camera shots, everything awash in a technical glow, and nonstop exposition, mountains of angst, and then solved K's problems of not having enough preteens or sadomasochistic bondage pornography. Thank god they kept the ridiculous balloon tits that heave and swing with every little motion. Get a bra. The 'hook' was really kind of amazing. You've got a girl tied up in chains on the floor, panting and moaning, meanwhile, the guy stepping on her just spent about a minute straight ranting to nobody before he finally got around to attacking the two protagonists who are huddled there, unmoving, yet panting with the effort of standing there, surrounded by gears.

And yet, the real antagonist in this show is obviously the director, because this camera work is liable to give you motion sickness. The standard screaming ranting mad scientist gives a convincing second place performance though. And yet, the third one may be the garbage protagonist. Once again, hapless sad sack whose only personality traits are awkwardly shuffling his feet when all these supermodels pay attention to him and yelling "What's going on!?" But rest easy, he senses the hidden power within him when he's with his magical girlfriend, and can actually be the complete opposite of what he was for the past 21 minutes for about 30 seconds. Or at least, so he narrates to the audience while he does his one little attack. Because yeah, the pathetic kid so spineless and perpetually abashed that he can't even talk to girls swinging their giant breasts at him when faced with a psychadelic world while trying to be murdered by an S&M enthusiast's first reaction is going to be "Yeah, I'm so all in on this."

So yes, K, but somehow, amazingly so, even stupider, and with all the truly godawful CGI flying around, and the camera weirdly swinging at a different framerate than everything else was moving, I feel a little urpy. While it's certainly animated, and has something approaching style, I've learned my lesson when it comes to GoHands 'action' shows, and have every bit of faith that this one will be naught but angst, exposition, and more angst within half an episode. It's already 75% of the way there, and doesn't have a playful cat to pass the time either.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Neclord X says:

    This show was painful to watch in more than one sense. Is it normal for an anime show to cause motion sickness? But probably it wasn’t as painful as the writing, I swear is as if they had picked a bunch of random LN and started to copy the common lines then dumped them into this show.