Gabriel Dropout #01 — Thinking While Pooping

January 9th, 2017

That was obviously necessary.


This was essentially split into four parts, and I suspect that's to hide that they could only think up one or two half-assed 'jokes' per segment, and even those were similarly badly done by Disgaea a decade ago. Specifically Disgaea 3, where it was the entire gimmick. And that's really stretching the definition of 'joke' here. Things like "I tried to teleport to school, but I teleported my underwear instead." And then, for some reason, there's this entire bit with one of the characters talking to herself while taking a dump, complete with pan up her legs so you can see her underwear around her ankles. The shrieking demon girl in general was pure obnoxiousness, and especially in a media that thought (probably still does) that the fourteen sick thing was the most hilarious thing ever, she doesn't come across as any different from any of them, above and beyond, again, being a weak Disgaea recycling.

The four segments may keep things marginally more fresh than a number of other trite shows this season, especially that one that went on for an hour, but all the angel/devil stuff is pretty much just lipservice for the completely unique premise of "wacky girls (who aren't wacky at all) get up to hijinks (which aren't hijinky at all)." It doesn't use its premise at all. There's no leaning into and overexaggerating the angel or devil thing ala our old friend Hapxiel. Man, just thinking about him reminds me of better times. My god. His theme song was even a Flash Gordon parody. And that wasn't the only joke! Do you know what I'd give to hear random eighties music satirized as a background joke instead of this drek? Not very much, probably, but the sentiment's still there.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    “Man, just thinking about [Hapxiel] reminds me of better times.”

    Erm, I believe the phrase you were looking for was “abject horror” because that was definitely what kicked in over here when I saw that guy’s name.

    *shudders violently*

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    What exactly does “fourteen sick” mean?

    The only English Google results just brings me back here.

    Fluffums says:

    You might recognize “eight grade sickness” or chuunibyou. Same thing.

    I enjoy the manga so as long as the shrieking isn’t too obnoxious I’ll give this a shot. :)

    Aroduc says:

    “Fourteen Sick” is the official Kyoto Animation translation of chuunibyou.

    Because English is rough.

  • jgoi says:

    Anime girls don’t #2 unless stated.
    This show’s humor isn’t going to keep me watching unless gabriel wants to teleport her friends clothes off.