Akiba’s Trip #03 — Brought to You By Carl’s Jr and the Idol Industry

January 18th, 2017

I imagine there's a shocking amount of overlap.


I had a thought while watching this, particularly the start, which featured a terrible idol performing terribly (intentionally, not he default state of all idols being awful) while the fandom ate it up. In another time and place, this could've basically been a Komugi-type (the real one, not the recent debacle) show for the new decade; unabashedly diving into the otaku-sphere with manic glee instead of drooling adulation. Instead, I just came off with kind of the depressing thought that this was probably the most incisive thing I've seen from Japan in years. And then a character went to Carl's Jr to stuff herself silly.

And yet, it's hard to tell if everyone on the staff was even on the same page here because this episode was all over the place. It starts with the dumb idol stuff, then goes into ridiculous 'perfect sound' stuff (but the joke just being repeating that stuff), so it's all a setup for him getting a job in the second act, right? Nope. That's completely dropped as we switch gears to unabashed fanservice and idol crap. It's hard to tell how self-aware they were about the softcore gravure porn too because that was the tell that these weren't actually regular idol producers but evil monsters. Because real idol producers would never do such things. And then they went ahead and put the animation effort into an idol concert instead of the action. Japan, you're paining me.

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  • ark noir says:

    I want this school kid’s credit card.

  • v1cious says:

    “Carl’s Jr- Fuck you I’m eating”