Akiba’s Trip #02 — Heavy Weapons

January 11th, 2017

And looming maids.


Remember how I sort of vaguely approved of how they didn't spend a long time over-explaining obvious trivialities of its dumb premise and just coasted over them? Well, it began by explaining them. And then after the OP played, went ahead and explained the exact same ones again. Not that the writing in the first episode was exemplary, but the first half seems like it was written by an insane person. "I don't want to do this." "You better obey me or I'll kick you out." "Okay, if you insist. I'll do it." That's not a joke. That wasn't reversal psychology or anything along those lines. That's the actual flow of the conversation of how he decided to accept the call to adventure.

It wasn't all bad though. It did all but kick out the two pointless secondary characters this week, especially the sister. That could've been better if the episode wasn't 75% needless infodumping. The gargantuan maid that simply loomed with menacing saccharineness was certainly… a thing, that didn't then have "she is a cutesy-seeming maid but SHE HUGE" yelled out and left to simply loom. Like the giant 80s phone from the first episode, it's a visual gag all the more appreciated for not overstaying its welcome… yet. There was also shockingly little caring from, well, anybody, about Team Protagonist being half-stripped to their underwear, which seems like so little, but I spent the last five minutes waiting for that nonsense but apparently it was content with the "walking in naked" on Tits joke at the start and didn't feel like repeating it.

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  • Eponymous says:

    Of note is that Giant Maid is Momoi Haruko, because reasons.