Akiba’s Trip #01 — The Hump of Life

January 4th, 2017

You don't need to oversexualize everything, Japan.


A tale of two episodes, the first being a painful slobbering blowjob of Akihabara and everything associated with it, the second being a bit more of a fun actiony thing that Gonzo genuinely put some effort into, even if the frame rate could get a little randomly choppy and it picked the weirdest things to overexplain while (thankfully) letting the dumber parts of the premise, particularly the stripping and dry-humping to funpire-ize Doofo, slide by with a half-assed bits of nonsense and then simply letting it ride. Of course, even back when they were 'good', their modus operandi was to blow their budget in the first couple episodes, and it's still not going to wow anybody, but at least it was pretty evenly spread out across the episode and the preview for next week promises that it should keep that up for at least one more episode. Nor are the characters going to pull anybody in, being mostly of the yelly/shrill variety, but at least two of the four existing so far just to pad out the episode. Our protagonist would've also almost certainly been better served without all the lipservice to how he's totes a loser, but wow, he's actually completely dashing and the most competent dude ever. Pick one, cut loose the other, but don't say one (at length) and then show the complete opposite.

But back to the sloppy hummer. More or less expected, but it's still not very welcome, and the humor comes almost entirely of just talking about things fans do. "I wrote cringey amateur fanfiction," "I hate popular things because they're popular," "Fans are melodramatic over trivial things," "boobs." I think more effort went into the puns for names the characters have. There are hints every now and then that at least somebody on staff is trying to take these things to more comical extremes. The best one is probably that our hero doesn't use a regular cellphone, but whips out a 1980s cordless the size of a dachshund, but since it's on screen for maybe two seconds between different scenes, that was apparently a visual gag not worth actually using just yet. Unfortunately though, for all its energy, there simply aren't actually many (any?) real jokes here, so all the yelling just takes on the usual shrill tone of twenty minutes of being shrieked at by 20-40 year old women trying to sound like excitable 14 year old girls.

Next Episode:

Guns and bunnies.

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