Matoi the Ass Puller #12 — Protagonist Bothers to Show Up

December 20th, 2016


While sidekicks do all actual struggling.


It's not a great start when the last boss is quaking in fear of the protagonist's overwhelming power within the first minute of the final battle. But, you know, fate and crap, so it's totally a serious battle where they're having to try their absolute hardest, which would be the first time for that in this show. Luckily, deus ex BS kicked in, so it was up to the members of Team Protagonist to start jobbing left and right as SUPER EVIL filled the world and random people were… filled with SUPER EVIL!

Even more luckily, it turns out that Team Protagonist had special extra transformations hidden up their asses, so they could stop jobbing and obliterate everything in one shot again. Matoi didn't even need to fight the goddamned clown. She didn't really fight anything. She just overcame… whatever… and pulled her not-dead mom out of her ass so they could go home and be a real family again, which I'm about 95% certain flies in the face of just about everything involving her and her father's crap for the entire run. What a goddamned trainwreck.


Final Thoughts:

I'm getting really close here to just declaring White Fox a lost cause. Poor production is one thing, but they seem to be unwilling to spend more than the cost of a Snicker's Bar on writers and directors. I had some hope at the very start that it would build up and do the obvious goddamned things with possession, evil within an obviously struggling family, etc etc, but it did nothing of the sort. Multiple episodes were stretched out across two weeks for no reason, no characters had any kind of growth or arc, no characters really struggled against anything, and no antagonist ever rose up to be a threat. The only dangerous thing was some handwavey nonsense about evil rising in the background which was only ever made 'real' by a clown that acting as a punching bag for the sidekicks. And then it had the gall to deus ex goddamned everything into the sappiest ending possible, completely punting on the only relationship between characters that existed, period. It's difficult to believe that anybody put any real thought, effort, or care into this thing, and I regret any that I have.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    I don’t know if White Fox can pony up $$$ for competent writers and directors because I don’t know how many of those even exist.

    There was an interesting premise and world here, certainly moreso than the other magical lesbian girlfriends show this season, but there was nothing behind it. I’d watch more of it if they made it, but I wouldn’t be nearly as excited as I could be if they had made me give a crap about things other than Matoi being cutesy sometimes.

    And either ditch the spontaneous comedic nudity entirely or go totally overboard with it. No half measures, guys.

  • PP2 says:

    At this point I’m even afraid of them somehow fucking up Steins;Gate 0.

  • Andmeuths says:

    What a very internationally classical, cliche ending for a Magical Girl Show. It’s almost refreshing in a way, when shows like Flip Flappers and Mahou Ikusei seems built around an attempt to capture the spirit of Madoka Magica for novelty sake.