Izetta the Last Witch #10 — FOR OUR TEENAGE IDOL

December 3rd, 2016


How happy that music made their suicides seem.


Now with Izetta captured, it's time for the princess to finally show her grit and that she's worthy of her Princess Jesus status, right? Pfft. Izetta is rescued within the first three minutes of the episode by the entire corps plus airforce (kamikaze airforce) that happened to be stationed approximately twenty feet off-screen at the end of the last episode, who were apparently too busy ogling her instead of protecting the palatial estates, which fell in a similar amount of time. The princess's part in all this? Absolutely nothing at all.

The remainder of the episode might as well have had the subtitle "ALL IS LOST, BUT I'LL DO MY BESTEST!" with an extra flavoring of how awful the new antagonists are because of their twisted, horrible sciencing. Izetta came out of it without a single scratch on her, just "weak anime girl" syndrome, so she fell out of bed once, but that's not gonna stop her from doing her bestest! And yeah, it was about as engaging as you'd expect 10 straight minutes of exposition and sitting in bed to be.

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