Matoi the Babysitter #06 — Cart of Toddlers

November 8th, 2016

Oh good. A promotion for the most painful part of this show.


Come on. If you're going to use a literal cart of babies as the "thing in peril", at least understand how ridiculous you're being. This single episode was bad enough being stretched out to across last week. Blithe lack of awareness is only going to hurt things more. Or maybe it was just the 'wacky' music through the middle part and the focus on the obnoxious side character getting promoted to sidekick with the world's stupidest tanuki-based powers/gimmick fighting a monster that did little more than scream and spit smaller versions of itself and/or spittle making me extra cranky, after a few minutes of the entire cast shrieking about how cute and wacky it was. And of course, got one-shot. She transformed into a goddamned pot to block its attack. Because pots are invulnerable apparently. Invulnerable to being surrounded by magic goo, which is how it took out the other two. Writers, please.

Next Episode:

Fanservice episode.

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One Lonely Comment

  • anise_punter says:

    I’m honestly moderately enjoying this show so far but the art is so bad and the characters so underdeveloped that I really have no desire whatsoever for a fanservice episode.

    Not that it’s stopped any show ever, but most shows aren’t this willfully sloppy-looking.