Flip Flappers #06 — Alzheimers PSA

November 10th, 2016

Even as PSAs go, this was kind of horrid.


Oh boy! An angsty flashback dream episode. It's like everything I despise about anime rolled into one package. It almost even looked like it was starting well too. Well, not starting. The start was yet more friendship banality. But then they started fighting for a bit, things seemed like it might be improving, before pi grew out of the ground and ruined everything with an exceptionally heavy handed melodramatic bit on alzheimers out of bloody nowhere where the surprise reveal at the very end is that they were somehow randomly in the head of that random girl who's had about two minutes of screentime across I think three episodes, and healed her soul. By acting as avatars of her when from years ago. And now they can be real friends. I feel like we've missed about a dozen logical steps here, even accounting for magic-land shenanigans. I'm also about 99% certain that Alzheimers and the people/loved ones who go through it is about five hundred thousand times worse than a few momentary bouts of total amnesia, so even just taking it at face value as a melodramatic PSA it's kind of repellant.

Next Episode:

Fanservice episode.

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