Flap Flippers #07 — Blank Slate

November 17th, 2016

Kind of a friendship slut, isn't she?


I liked this so much more the one episode where it was Star Wars and they fought a bondage alien monster. I don't even know what to make of this episode. After last episode seemingly being a misdirected but uplifting message about dealing with someone who has Alzheimers and 'fixing' the soul of Whose-Its, this one decided to lead off with "THAT WAS A HUGE MISTAKE AND WE CAN NEVER RISK DOING ANYTHING LIKE THAT AGAIN!" Because Whose-Its has slightly different interests now that her regrets and angst are gone. At least have the consequences be something dire. Destroy the world. Get a cheeto elected emperor of Japan. Invoke Flashpoint. Actual Flashpoint, not the godawful live action version.

They then decided to show how things change with Papika randomly becoming different sidekicks. Considering the starting/base one is intensely irritating, are you sure that showing us different ideas you have for her is a good idea? Except, big twist here, Cocona was actually off on some random metaphysical journey, which is about a quarter step away from "it was just a dream." That was really supposed to be the apotheosis of the episode? Falling out of the sky in a magical sub with the declaration of "None of that was actually happening!" Was it supposed to be another saccharine friiiiieeeeennnndship thing? It's not like she wasn't practically making out with the other versions of Papkia half the time though, so the lesson I'm getting here isn't so much that their bonds of friendship conquer all as much as "Cocona is an emotional husk who has no attachment to any part Papkia's 'real' personality."

Next Episode:

Beach episode.

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