Red-Hot Ping Pong Girls #01 — Attention Whores

October 3rd, 2016

Oh boy! Speedlines! And the occasional looping!


There's something incredibly screwed up about the introductory bit here. They have everybody acting shocked and devestated by the clearly evil girl taking pleasure in obliterating her pathetic opponent… then the losers start screaming about how it's totally unfair because their school is so awesome and yet they lost, and burst into wails of despair. This would have pretty much nothing to do with the rest of the episode. I think someone mentioned it once in passing as a "We gotta go to regionals!" thing.  

And to answer the question I posed earlier about "how long until the first joke", around 12 minutes. I kind of gave up hope at the 10 minute mark when the closest it ever came was slightly over-dramatization. Then it started doing dumb puns for about two minutes before it gave that up and went back to over-dramatizing goddamned ping pong with enough speedlines to choke an elephant. Not even consistently though, because when a protagonist obliterates someone and takes joy in it, it wins the ovaries of everyone in the room. Aside from Angsty, I mean. Her damage is that she gets bitchy if she's not the center of attention. Aside from that, it's an idiotic sports show, just with 1000% more girlish shrieking. Everyone has a gimmick, and figure that out, explain it at length, and you've automatically won! Especially if you're the protagonist whose gimmick is knowing/having all other gimmicks!

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