Izetta the Last Witch #03 — Saving Private Lack-of-Awareness

October 15th, 2016


It was just one day until retirement!


The first 16 minutes of this episode made a fantastic case for the argument that someone really wanted to make the world's most cliche World War 2 show, but wasn't so dedicated to their vision that they couldn't be convinced to write in a magical girl and Princess Jesus. Sweet Baby Moses, was it a combination of tedious and ridiculously, painfully cliche. Do they know nothing about showing pictures of loved ones before a fight? Where was it all leading? To Izetta getting over her pained clutching of fists over how much she disliked knocking a few planes down to single handedly murder an entire regiment, but not so committed to that such that they couldn't make a few jokes about her ass getting jammed into tank windows along the way, or one gun shot caused a tank's top to explode off it like a Rock 'em Sock 'em Robot, or her ass falling on people, or her ass… Let's move on.

So basically, it continues to be a mess. This was probably the best that the action has looked, and the least obtrusively Jesus that the princess has been, mostly because she had about 30 seconds of screentime doing anything besides friendship speeches or staring as people exposited at her, but with all that came about 16 straight minutes of tedium and the writing falling apart. Two steps forward, perhaps, but I think they were into the bathroom and put a foot in the toilet. And then they sung a patriotic song about it.


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