Izetta #05 — Cracking Down

October 29th, 2016


Your period slang needs work.


Maybe I was a little premature in my declaration that the princess was the one true Jesusette of this show, because the theme for this episode was "OH EMM GEE, IZETTA IS THE BESTEST EVER." Even the baddies treat her like she's the greatest thing since Arian sliced bread as she merrily slaughters her way through hundreds of soldiers and millions of deutschmarks worth of damage. It was only last week that we were having flashbacks about how persecuted she was just for being a witch, but now that her transcredible exploits, slaughtering everyone who stands in her way, are being broadcast around the globe, there's not a person in the world who doesn't admire her? Writing, please. Oh wait, we also introduced a spunky all-girl sniper squad with magically silent rifles and pinpoint aim, suidically loyal to the princess and her pagan lesbian friend.

And yet, hell if I could really tell you what else this accomplished. That Izetta's extra super duper awesome? There was this big bit in the middle about how they figured out that she wasn't super duper ultra awesome because there was a day or two between when they first found out about her and when she began her campaign of murder, a logical leap that could be explained away by basically anything else. God help them when they figure out that war is more than a single army attacking another single army at a single point at any given time, because then things might get super duper totes bonkers. And this is after the 'good guys' routed an entire army through setting up theatrics, ending with… dropping ten tons of rock on them. You know what could've worked better? Just dropping ten tons of rock on them to start and skipping all the rest.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • seden says:

    Their already was a hint as to the royal guard having women in it, as to have the equipment, it would be logical that if a team has the best one, it would be this one ?

    Then, the princess said it is a group of men and women, but so far, only women has been seen, so ?

    Still, the leylines as action zone, quite a good idea (as we clearly do not know much as to these to this day).

    That said, talking about secret matter out in the open ?
    If there is one thing who is a bad idea, it is.

    Still, there need to be weakness even if not logical one. bad point for the young counselor that said, same for the General, who was not that good rater before (how come the army has antiquated equipment when the enemy as a high number of it ?

    To be seen, but the show has had quite a weakness with that scene. Now it is left to the young soldier to make a decision.
    Is he educated enough ? Would guess that not, the people who have more that the basic required reading & experiences are not that common (not surprising especially these days where most of the world is build up or at last somewhat human controlled).

    jingoi says:

    “Their already was a hint as to the royal guard having women in it, as to have the equipment, it would be logical that if a team has the best one, it would be this one ?”

    Of course, only men are disposable mooks so they get crap while the ladies get the good stuff to stay alive so C91 will have enough women for the Izetta section.

    Aroduc says:

    Not even women.

    Spunky teenage fangirls.