Ange Vierge #09 — iRobot

September 3rd, 2016


Spoiler: The robot learns the importance of feelings.

Persona 5's OVA thing aired this morning. Considering how awful the P3 and P4 adaptations have been, a blatant ad for the game didn't make me optimistic, and while it thankfully wasn't just a dumb origin story, let's just say that its action had a lot in common with Outcast's episode this week, albeit with about 750% more twirling and posing against a solid red background. The other 18 minutes of the episode were basically street noise.


Any enjoyment I got from seeing the robot slapped multiple times in quick succession was wiped out by the speech about feeeeelings, and how the robot's not having enough consideration for her friends in the face of multi-universal armageddon. Have a little perspective, guys.

Not that this is new or I'm surprised by it at this point, but what the hell else is there to say? They went with the lowest hanging fruit; robot learns the importance of feelings, and didn't even do that well because it kept flashing back to her learning the importance of feelings from Jesus Amane Christ, and that, plus a closeup of her ass, was enough to overcome whose-its with shouted feeeelings, obligatory hug, and naked explosion with orgasmic yell. Really, the two stand-out things this episode were the racecare noises she was making during the chase scene, and that they dumped the Two Stooges bit to after the credits.

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