Ange Vierge #07 — FRIENDSHIP

August 20th, 2016


Even for this show, this episode was atrocious.


Not just sticking to its terrible formula of half angst and insecurity just to pad out what could've been a single episode to two, or the horrible continued lionization of Bubble Girl. No. That's tremendously awful, but nothing new. What made this episode godawful is that the climax was just apologies, yelling out how A didn't understand B's feelings, and a hug. And that was it. Battle won. Evil Dark Darkness cast off and everyone goes home happy and friends once more. The goddamned end. Not even a fight. Nada. I continue to think more of what this show could be with a few small but significant tweaks than what it actually is. Especially if Bubble Girl was actually a part of events and a character they turned to who was secretly infected by evilness or something.

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  • Opulent Rag says:

    Well at least it did this seven eps in and not wait a full goddamn season or two.