Trigger Happy Havoc – Future #01 — Guy in Cow Mask

July 11th, 2016


He's obviously the highlight.


I'll admit that I'm not really a fan of this series, but I'm pretty sure that ninja fights and giant robotic teddy bears stomping through the city were never a big part of it. The whole 'world was destroyed by DESPAIR' is best kept as vague as possible even, because when you change it to "the world was destroyed by an army of gigantic robotic bears despite the best efforts of a businessman in a cow mask and his coworkers," things have a bit of a different tone. Not that it really matters though, because the entire first half of the episode was goddamned exposition and a board meeting half spent recapping the info dump. But at least it had a guy in a cow mask. If it's for fans of the series, then why so much recap? If it's not, then why so much recap? Stop with the recap, you time-padding dipwads.

The second half wasn't much better, nor was it particularly surprising that it ended up right back at the same premise where all the gimmicky characters have to kill each other and get away with it/find the killer. Not shocking, sure, but perhaps not the best of ideas to give a speech about how you're repeating yourself after a really dull staff meeting and one minute look at all the fresh meat. And then have a 15 second long zoom in on a constipated face to end the episode before declaring that this is will be the end of the whole she-bang. You know, aside from the other anime spinoff this season, and the game reboot. Of course, they're all still idiots. My favorite two declarations from the episode were "It can't be her. She's dead!", for the third time the series antagonist has popped up back to life after death, and a character announcing that a gas grenade is knockout gas. You know, rather than just being knocked out by it. I might not have been able to follow what happened without that explanation, so thanks for continuing to treat the audience like imbeciles.



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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Sanjuro says:

    I never expect much form Kishi.

  • Anonymous says:

    actully the first half was not a recap it some of the events of the second game which didnt got adaption. so the first half is for those who didnt played the second game

  • The Phantom says:

    This has way way way too many characters, I only played first game, never finished it, other games did not bother to, everything is super confusing, also plot is lame, not worth it.