Time Travel Girl #01 — Magnets! How Do They Work?

July 8th, 2016


I don't want to talk to a scientist.

I forgot about this (airs in the morning, so evening US time). My schedule tomorrow morning (or this morning for most people likely reading this) is also a little up in the air. Outcast airs really early, but around the time everything starts, I may be shipping some people out of the country, so it might be a little delayed. Or I might not. Who knows?


But I really shouldn't have bothered. Even as edutainment, this is drastically lacking in both the edu and the tainment. The first half is spent whinging on about how neglectful her father is and making cakes. Then a kid gets hit in the chest with a baseball and dies of commotio cardis, but luckily, there's a suitcase defib nearby and one jolt brings him back to life after the world's most half-hearted CPR attempt. And then she teleports into the past to learn a valuable lesson. You should stop and pause here and use the description of events to guess which famous scientist she'll meet and what she'll learn about. I'll wait.


If you said astronomer William Gilbert, you're right! What did this have to do with the first part? Well, when she appeared, she shocked some woman into fainting and tried to do chest compressions, but got shoo'ed off for being an idiot so Gilbert could slap the woman in the face. And then he takes her back to his skeevy lab to teach her about… Magnetism. Not even about electricity. Or slapping women in the face. Magnets. And compasses. All that weird nonsense about the ball cakes, cardiac episodes, and a defib machine? Decoys! Slap that woman, shove some smelling salts in her face, and let's have a three minute discussion of magnets before we leave on the cliffhanger of, uh… wait, they're still dealing with Gilbert next week too? Good god.



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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    I was hoping for something smart and witty like “Marie and Gali”, but no luck here.

  • O-(-'.'Q) says:

    CPR is for pussies. Real heroes slap that ass!

    Or wait, maybe it’s supposed to be “tap”? Well, whatever. I’m sure asses are involved.

    …What do you mean that was her “face”?